Additional services

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recruiting & placement 

High school athletes who look to continue their track & field careers into college often need help to get on the right radars and connect to programs that will be most beneficial and the right fit for them—and their goals. Success breeds success and track & field is a sport that can be done anywhere. Most often, the difference in reaching goals and not is being in the right place, the best situation. We can help with that. 


training plans

Not all athletes who work with us are Squadron members. We take on clients from other athletes to fellow coaches who need another perspective. Training plans, unique drills and sessions that we have created, as well as consultation on their own programs are all things we can offer.

athlete liason

Athletes who aspire to compete internationally or perhaps change affiliation from one country to another based on a cultural connection, rarely know the steps to take or how to begin reaching out to find that path. Luckily we are fortunate enough to have discovered tools to help build that bridge. We can aid in connecting to federations and knowing the rules and steps needed to reach your goals.