Our Vision



It is a very simple thing in our minds; we don't believe in complicated narratives and excessive, overbearing high-mindedness in training & coaching athletes. Our point is not to show how smart we are, the point is to show how well they can excel and succeed. 

The fact is you cannot and will not outwork everyone. But then, why is that the narrative that 99% of coaches will tell and athlete? Why is that what 99% of motivational memes will cleverly say? You want to know the ironic truth? It's the easiest thing to say. We would rather go a route that we as coaches and athletes can absolutely control—skill. Talent is an accident of nature, and work ethic is great but can only take you so far without skill. 

Skill is a choice; a decision to master the details of a recurring situation. Skill will stay with you long after talent and physical power leave you. And how is skill created? Not by grand gestures. Not by hopes and dreams. Not by lofty goals. No—skill is built from the inside out, by living in the details. That is our belief and it has served us well. From youth to pro-level athletes, we have trained everyone with the same mindset backing what we do.