Dedicated GUIDANCE 

with a proven record of success.


Wisdom Loh

A world-class junior & senior level sprinter/jumper in his day, Coach Wisdom Loh is the architect of the original system of Tachyon. Coach Loh was Coach Gordon's post-collegiate coach so this pair have been together for the better part of 15 years. 


Steve Gordon Jr

Coach Steve was the original member of Tachyon, long before that moniker was used. Before beginning his post-collegiate career, Steve was a 2x national champion, multiple time All-American and a member of several USA teams. Coached by Coach Wisdom, Steve continued to be  a world-class triple jumper, ranked in the US top-10, top-15 & top-30 over a 4 year span before an injury ended his world-class career. 

Coach Gordon was mentored and studied under Coach Loh, until it was time that he tried his hand at contributing to the creation of the training system of Tachyon.  He is also still an athlete under the system, competing as an All-American and world-class Masters athlete.