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welcome to the home of the "Vivid Yellows" of

TACHYON Athletik





Athletes at every level…
no matter their level.

Membership in Tachyon Athletik is achieved by invite only. We do this to assure that each member is truly dedicated to the ideals that we hold to, and to insure that we can dedicate proper time and resources to each athlete we commit to training. 


Youth / Prep


Post-Collegiate /






Our Areas of Expertise…

Jumps // Sprints // Agility // Mechanics & Efficiency of Movement

We are focused on the mechanics of movement. We train the body to function efficiently, with no wasted motion, because an efficient machine creates better results for less energy expended—that's the very definition of efficiency. We work with athletes to improve sprint mechanics, agility, and increasing explosiveness.  For Athletics (track & field) specifically we  coach sprints and jumping events—out specialty being long & triple jumps.

Our Additional Support Services…

Training Plans  //  Recruiting & Placement  //  Athlete Liason  //  Circuit Tours

Even for those who are not members of the squad, we do take on clients to write training programs, do remote coaching, and offer mini-camps. Tachyon can offer expertise in the recruiting process and placement for high school athletes looking to continue their careers into college. For post-collegians and aspiring professional athletes we help organize competitions schedules and facilitate plans for both domestic and international events.


The Squadron Code & the Wings Up Crest:


Military planes often bear a shortened version of the country name or a special code to identify each squadron. 

That is where the idea for our “Squadron Code” comes from; taking "Tachyon" and shortening it to our code, "TCHYN." It's immediately identifiable to members, and immediately recognizable to all. It stands for who we are; bold, strong, precise, and bound together by the shared experience of having earned our "Yellows."

The "Wings Up" crest is the 10th anniversary edition of our main iconic logo. The spiked "T" stands at the center with the wings bursting from each side. You can only fly when your wings are up!